Welcome to a Dip Into Serenity

Real peace is becoming more difficult to achieve in such an increasingly strident and secular world. Real peace is not simply the absence of strife. To quote Timothy Keller from his book Generous Justice, “God created all things to be in a beautiful, harmonious, interdependent, knitted, webbed relationship to one another. Just as rightly related physical elements form a cosmos or a tapestry, so rightly related human beings form a community. This interwovenness is what the Bible calls shalom, or harmonious peace.”“Shalom” is usually translated “peace” in English Bibles, but it means far more than our English word conveys. It means complete  reconciliation, a state of the fullest flourishing in every dimension – physical, emotional, social and spiritual – because all relationships are right, perfect and filled with joy.” The first step to finding this kind of peace is finding a way to “be still” so that the Holy Spirit is able to speak to you in one form or another.

A “Dip Into Serenity” is a Christian spiritual retreat situated in North East Fife in Scotland. It is intended to provide a haven of peace for those who are in need of spiritual refreshment or for those who are starting a spiritual journey. We do not “lead” as such, we believe the Holy Spirit will do this once you have made yourself receptive through “being still”.

The retreat is an extension built into the basement of our house which is built on a slope and offers excellent views across the river and surrounding hills. It provides comfortable but simple self catering accommodation for single people or couples in a beautiful location. Although you will be guests in part of our private home there is a separate entrance to the retreat which offers as much privacy as you desire. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate more than two people. We provide all bed linen and towels so all you need to bring is some food. The nearest small shop is about two miles away and the nearest supermarket about five miles.

Even though it is in a rural situation there are good transport links to Dundee and also to Leuchars Railway Station. Transport on from there to the retreat is a bit patchy but we can usually arrange something if you are coming by public transport.

If you think you would benefit from some time out you would be very welcome to be our guest. There is no charge. It is a free gift—all you have to do is accept it.

Be still, and know that I am God – Psalm 40  v10


Please note – we had very much hoped we could make our little retreat accessible for people of all levels of mobility but, due to a hilly location and the prohibitive costs involved, we have been unable to achieve this. There are a few steps or a fairly steep but short hill  to be negotiated to enter the retreat.